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Chilly Things

Chilly Things are an Evaporative Cooling System that will improve your productivity and quality of Life!

 Great For : Construction Workers, Gardeners, Farmers, Fishermen, Campers, Golfers, and all Sports Enthusiasts. Or for relief from Hot Flashes!

 Repeat these 3 steps & enjoy you Chilly Thing over & over again!

Step #1 Soak in Water In a sink, In a bowl, In a zip-lock bag

Step # 2  Towel Dry The centre tube will be nice & puffy, Wipe off any excess water so it does not drip when you first put in on.

Step # 3  Wear & Enjoy - Wear it around your neck or forehead to keep you cool all day. Water slowly evaporates & the tube dries out, but as it does it will stay Chilly’

  • No Refrigeration Necessary. Re-usable over & over again. Environmentally Friendly!