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Chilly Masks

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Great for:  Headaches, Eye Strain,Travel, Stress

How a Chilly Mask works
You only need to soak your Chilly Mask in water for a few minutes to activate the tiny granules inside the Mask.The granules absorb water forming a soft gel-like substance inside the Mask, then, as you place the Mask across your eyes, that water evaporates creating a cooling sensation to soothe tired, sore eyes or to get relief from a 
throbbing migraine headache.

You can take your Chilly Mask with you anywhere as it requires no refrigeration to stay cool.

Use it at the office for a quick pick-me-up at break, at a hotel after a long day in the sun, at home to relax after a stressful day at work or even to sleep with!

Please note: the back of a Chilly Mask is black, the outer fabric is available in a large assortment of colors and patterns. Fabrics are changed on a regular basis. All fabrics are limited in quantities.
Colors and patterns may vary slightly from what you see on your computer.