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Chilly Tube

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 Great for:

Construction Workers, Farmers, Gardeners, Fishermen, Campers, Golfers, Sports or Outdoor Enthusiast! Or for Relief from Hot Flashes!

 How Chilly Tubes work:

Inside each Chilly Tube are tiny crystals that form a gel when soaked in water, puffing up the tube. Now it is ready to wear. The water slowly evaporates and the tube slowly dries out. You will need to re-soak your Chilly Tube every morning or every other morning to keep it at its peek efficiency. As the water evaporates it produces a cooling effect. Even when the cotton fabric feels dry, the granules continue to allow water to evaporate, keeping you cool.

 Repeat these 3 steps & enjoy you Chilly Tube over & over again!

Step #1 Soak in Water In a sink, In a bowl, In a zip-lock bag

Step # 2  Towel Dry The centre tube will be nice & puffy, Wipe off any excess water so it does not drip when you first put in on.

Step # 3  Wear & Enjoy Wear it around your neck or forehead to keep you cool all day. Water slowly evaporates & the tube dries out, but as it does it will stay Chilly’

  • No Refrigeration Necessary. Re-usable over & over again. Environmentally Friendly!

When you are finished using your Chilly Tube for the day it is best to rinse it off and hang it up to dry. Then when you need it again just re-soak it.

 Chilly Tubes are also effective when wrapped around your forehead, wrists, knees, shoulders or ankles. Use for relief from a headache or hot flash, or as a cold or hot compress to lessen muscle soreness or inflammation. 

Please note: Fabrics are changed on a regular basis. All fabrics are limited in quantities.

Colors and patterns may vary slightly from what you see on your computer.