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MagRolls & Brass Bags

Never get to the range or match with the wrong mags again! Whether you are a competitive shooter or a casual plinker, MagRoll is the best way to help keep your valuable firearm magazines organized and protected from dirt and scratches; because we all know that damaged or dirty magazines are one of the leading causes of jams and misfeeds!
Which of your mags are for which of your firearms? See at a glance using different colored MagRolls, and use the sewn-on clear business card holder to identify your mags.  
  • Insert mags into the pockets  *  Fold over the top  *  Roll  *  Secure with the heavy-duty elastic  *  Write your identification on the card.
  • AT THE RANGE: *  Unroll  *  Open the flap  *  reveal a clean, dry surface to work on.

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     Cornwall Handgun Club: email for pricing and to arrange pick-up.