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Special Pistol MagRoll (7 pocket)

  • $2995


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Red and Black Pistol (7 Pocket) Magrolls are embroidered with the IPSC National symbol and are still available. They were originally embroidered for the 2015 IPSC National Championships. 

Green Pistol 7 Magrolls were made for the 2015 IPSC Ontario Provincial Championships, Waterloo, Ontario.  They are still available but by custom order only. 

Blue Magrolls were for the 2016 National Championships which was held near Halifax, Nova Scotia. Please email for order information.

Blue 'Buckeye Blast'  Magrolls and Brass Bags were made for the 2017 USPSA Ohio State Championship, at the Briar Rabbit Shooting Sports Facility. If you would like a Magroll ($21.95 USD) or Brass Bag ($16.95 USD) souvenir please email and we will have one specially made for you.


Magroll Pistol (7 pocket)

Pistol-7.  Holds 7 mags.  Fits most single stack, double stack, and .22LR pistol mags. Heavy-duty elastic.  


MagRolls are machine washable in cold water.

(mags not included) 

(Colors may not show accurately on computer screens)

Custom orders available: Please contact us if you would like a Magroll or Brass Bag embroidered with your club's Logo.  An additional set-up fee and an embroidery fee per item may apply.