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About us

Life is short so we all must learn to take advantage of every moment as much as possible, being involved in those pursuits that we enjoy. I enjoy the outdoors, but would love to live in a more moderate climate. Here the winters are too cold so I spend my time sewing Chilly Things and MagRolls, which I enjoy doing, and the summers are too hot, so then I use my Chilly Tubes and MagRolls!

 I started making Chilly Tubes more than 10 years ago for friends and family and the business quickly grew as more and more people felt the Chilly Tube's invigorating properties. Chilly Things really can improve your productivity and quality of life. We all need to ‘Chill Out’ when things get hot!

 MagRolls were the result of wanting things organized, neat and clean! As a competitor shooter or just plunkering, it seemed only sensible to take care of a critical and pricey part of our equipment.  Mags can be finicky let alone the fact that dirt and scratches can cause them to choke or misfire. So we developed MagRolls and now we know that each piece of gear is in good condition and organized right where we need it!

 My sewing room gets more of a workout than even the kitchen; from sewing MagRolls & Chilly Things, my two main products, to custom orders, to ties for weddings and other occasions, to alterations for the seniors, to curtains for the neighbour’s new nursery. Life can’t be better than doing those things you enjoy. So as long as I have a MagRoll to organize my hobby and a Chilly Tube to ‘Chill Out’ once in awhile, life is good!


 All products are hand-made in Canada from locally sourced fabric and notions.                                                                                                                                            Chilly Thing crystals manufactured and shipped from Arizona.