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Chilly - Care & Instructions

Care & Instructions


Gently distribute granules across the Mask or along the entire channel of the Tube.

 Soak the Mask in clean tap water for 10 - 15 minutes or until it reaches the thickness you want.

 Soak the Tube in clean tap water for approximately 30 minutes.

 You can soak your Mask or Tube in any container such as your sink, a bowl or a Ziploc bag.

 Gently squeeze the gel evenly to fill the entire Mask or Tube.

 It is not necessary to squeeze out excess moisture. Towel dry and wear!

 To quickly refresh the cooling effects, if necessary, quickly re-soak in cool water.

 For additional cooling, rotate while in use.

 Allow to completely dry before storing – this may take a week.

When completely dry the granules go back to their original size and shape until you soak them again.

 Do not store in plastic or containers until completely dry or it will mildew!

 Do not freeze.

If the fabric tears, dispose of the Chilly Mask or Tube in with the household garbage. Do not wash the granules or gel down the drain as it may clog the pipes. If you prefer you can mix the gel or granules into your garden soil or potting mix. It will help hold extra moisture in the ground until your plants need it.  The crystals are not toxic.

Do not eat the granules. They absorb enormous amounts of water and swell.

 Not recommended for young children.


For Relaxing Warmth
to soothe aches and pains

 Hydrate the Chilly Mask or Tube to the thickness desired.

 Let the outside fabric dry

 It is the water that you are warming; it does not change the crystals.

 Test for excessive warmth or hot spots before wearing!

 May be reheated over and over. Just remember to test for hot spots each time.


Product Care - Washing

 Fully hydrate the Chilly Tube or Mask in clean water.

 Then spot clean with a mild dish washing liquid or hand soap.

Rinse away all soap residues.

 Hang to dry or continue to use as normal.