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News - Magrolls

Every once in a while we encounter a product that teaches us something about ourselves.  What we learned from Mag-Roll is that we’re just kind of jerks when it comes to our mags.  We chuck them in a range bag and drag it off somewhere and don’t even feel a tiny bit guilty.

But not everyone is as abrasive and ruthless towards their magazines as we are, and that’s probably smart, because while they’re consumable items, they’re not necessarily cheap, nor will you necessarily find them available forever and always.  So for those of you who want to take decent care of your mags, Mag-Roll is plush comfort, and perhaps more importantly, fast organization.

And, in fact, if you’re shooting pricey or finicky magazines, it makes good sense.  We’ve seen dirty mags choke up a lot of otherwise-reliable guns and even found two Wilson Combat ETMs in our clothes dryer once, so we have to admit that our lackadaisical approach is not something shooters should want to emulate.

Besides which, if you’re heading to a competition, there is no better feeling than instantly knowing where every critical piece of gear is, and whether it’s packed in the correct quantity and condition.

On top of that, if, like a lot of gun owners, you have a few expensive knives that you rotate through for hunting, fishing, work or play, the fleece lining of the Mag-Roll will definitely keep them minty-fresh.

Check ‘em out at and enjoy the no tax and free shipping!