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Rifle MagRoll Hi-Capacity (4 Pocket)

  • $2695

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MagRoll Hi-capacity rifle – holds 4 mags. Fits most center fire rifle mags including AR style 30 rd. mags with flap open, and most center fire rifle mags up to 20 rd. with flap folded.

  • Insert mags into the pockets  *  Fold over the top  *  Roll  *  Secure with the heavy-duty elastic  *  Write your identification on the card.
  • AT THE RANGE/MATCH: *  Unroll  *  Open the flap  *  reveal a clean, dry surface to work on.

MagRolls are machine washable in cold water.

(mags not included) 

(Colors may not show accurately on computer screens)

Custom orders available: Please contact us if you would like one in a different color